Osmylus Scientific Publishers was established in 2013 in Bavaria, Germany, to produce the journal Odonatologica and the bulletin Notulae odonatologicae for the International Odonatological Foundation, Societas Internationalis Odonatologica (S.I.O.), following a change in editorship of those publications. We are a small publishing house, devoted to publishing literature from all fields of Odonatology, Neuropterology and other entomological topics. We are convinced that even in these digital times, with online publication and electronic media rapidly overtaking print, there will be enough bibliophiles left on Earth who appreciate high quality printed literature to justify the continuance of print journals. Osmylus Scientific Publishers is not a charity, but we must stress that profit is certainly not the primary motive for our activities.

Does print still matter?

We might ask a question of those born in 1980 or later: What is an 8-inch floppy disk? Of those born in 1990 or later: What is a 3.5-inch diskette? Of those born in 2000 or later: What is a book? Only in the first two cases will the answer be, in all probability, 'I don’t know'; and it is likely 'compact disc' will be the next on the list of terms in danger of extinction. On the other hand, ink on paper has endured for millennia. We are still able to access and read the Dead Sea scrolls and Egyptian papyri. We therefore suggest that printed matter will never lose its importance in science and the arts. The storage of information physically, on a shelf beside one's desk versus its storage in an encrypted electronic cloud will continue to be preferred by many into the foreseeable future. It is this belief which motivates us to produce high quality printed literature.

Epitheca bimaculata and Florian Weihrauch


Florian Weihrauch
Osmylus Scientific Publishers


»Digital is made to forget –
analogue is made to remember.«

(Robert Polidori)

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